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Mastering Madness

Mastering Madness

Mastering Madness is not a scholarly thesis on mental illness. It is a personal adventure story, a story that I hope will inspire you to escape the clutches of a mad society and find your own way.

In Mastering Madness I give you a glimpse into the inner world of a bipolar-diagnosed young man who existed in a world of terror, plagued by very bad thoughts; tortured through endless, sleepless nights; as terrified of the coming morning and its responsibilities as he was of the demons playing around inside his skull.

That young man was me. My way out of mental illness was strange; it was not a clear path. It was sort of a mad meander to truth. But it worked!

I won’t give away the ending, but here I am in my 70s, full of good will towards all, healthy in body and mind, and thrilled to be finally publishing this book. Through the Grace of God, and the love and support of some outstanding people, I survived my three-year battle with manic-depression and experienced a powerful cure.

Then I went on to work in America’s insane asylums for many years. I did this work to give back, and to try to help other poor unfortunates make a jail break.

This book is for you, the ones Bob Dylan called “the ‘mad’ ones; mad for life, mad for experience.” You, with the fire in your belly, hungry to know your true self, never wanting to settle for comfort and convenience, living on the edge, questioning everything, never ready to settle for someone else’s recipe for life, this is for you.

David Hill / Chintan


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