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David Hill

David Hill

David Hill has spent his 70-odd years being just that – odd! Born into what he calls “a lower-middle-class, religious family that espoused dull, traditional values”, he spent his early years trying to be as dull and ordinary as those around him.

Breaking free, he became fascinated with the world of the mentally ill and studied Freud and Jung. This led to his discovery of radical psychiatry as championed by R. D. Laing and others.

His brother’s suicide set in motion a downward spiral for David that resulted in a 3-year battle with bipolar disorder. During those years, David experienced auditory hallucinations, other chilling side-effects of psychotropic medications, the destruction of his family life, and constant thoughts of suicide.

Coming to his rescue was an eclectic healing mixture, which he describes in his book Mastering Madness. Since that time, he has offered this healing mixture through workshops, lectures, work in America’s mental institutions, and now in book form.

In Mastering Madness, David counters the myths of his mental illness, and offers natural, organic, high energy, and fun alternatives to the dangers of masking symptoms with chemicals.

Mastering Madness is also an adventure story full of danger, sex, and a few laughs.

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