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Welcome to Phenomenal Publishing

Phenomenal Publishing specializes in publishing stories of Phenomenal People – inspiring individuals who turn stumbling-blocks into steppingstones.

At Phenomenal, we support those gifted people who inspire others to overcome their obstacles and fulfill their destinies.

Our select authors have a strong commitment to share their unique journeys of wisdom with the world. By publishing their message in book form, we help them do exactly that.

Founded in 2003, Phenomenal Publishing combines traditional royalty-paying book and Web publishing with 21st–century expertise. Now expanding rapidly, Phenomenal offers a host of publishing services, including topflight editing, book design, printing, distribution, and marketing of both traditional-form paperbound and hardbound books, and custom e-books.

At Phenomenal, we’re dedicated to helping serious writers become successful published authors. We know how to make that transition, because we’re also successful authors ourselves.

We offer cost-effective services that will transform your manuscript into the finished work you dream of.

       • We edit and design your ideas into attractive, publishable formats.

       • We handle all the details of printing and publishing your book.

       • And, we give you options for selling, through mass-market electronic bookstores, handling your stock for you, and/or letting you sell your own books.

Because we believe in giving back, we donate a significant percentage of our profits to the support of Hospice and other worthy organizations.

Connect with us at Phenomenal Publishing, and we’ll help you connect to the world – and beyond.

Phenomenal Publishing

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